Terms of Use

1. General terms and conditions for contracting the services

1.1. The RCS TECNOLOGIA EM SISTEMAS DE INFORMAÇÃO LTDA, enrolled in the CNPJ 15.224.269 / 0001-29, headquartered at Av. Salgado Filho, 2844 – CJ 3/1104 – Centro – Guarulhos / SP, hereinafter referred to as CONTRACTOR ; 1.2. The
CONTRACTOR , bearer of the data informed during the registration, and identified by its access codes, henceforth called login and password. 1.3. These
GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS relate to the above-mentioned parties and apply to the use of the products and services offered by the CONTRACTOR . Any CONTRACTING PARTY that intends to use the services of CONTRACTOR shall accept the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, and all other policies and principles governing it. 1.4. If the
CONTRACTING PARTY can not be characterized as liable, the obligations set forth in this agreement will be transferred to the legal responsible parties. 1.5. The
CONTRACTOR may modify the terms of the services now available, while the CONTRACTING PARTY may contact in writing, via email, to request information about the changes made. 1.6 All products offered by
CONTRACTOR are in the form of LICENSE OF USE and not a SALE. Access to CONTRACTOR’s productsis provided under the terms of this use license, which defines what you can do with CONTRACTOR’s products and contains limitations on warranties. This LICENSE is granted by the CONTRACTOR.

2. Services provided by contractor

2.1. The CONTRACTOR provides the service of distance learning through online courses and simulations, via the internet. 2.2. The service (2.1) may be contracted as a one-off course or as a periodic access plan or may be contracted in the form of packages of courses for closed classes of the
CONTRACTOR also provides the teaching service through PRESENT COURSES for groups open to the general public and closed classes, performing the training in places determined by the CONTRACTOR.
2.4. The CONTRACTOR also provides a teaching service in the IN COMPANY format which can be carried out at theCONTRACTOR or at another place of common agreement between the CONTRACTOR and CONTRACTOR. The contents of the courses in this format can be customized according to the requirements of the CONTRACTING PARTY, being able to negotiate the dates and times for the classes.

3. Duties and rights of the contractor

3.1. The CONTRACTOR will allow 24 (twenty four) hours a day, 07 (seven) days a week access. Except for the reason described in item 3.2. subsection 3.2. The
CONTRACTED PARTY undertakes to make available the contracted access service, and access may be interrupted due to:

    • Fortuitous cases that prevent the provision of services;
    • Lack of electricity supply or internet bandwidth in their hosting service providers and
    • Technical-operational problems / updates that require temporary system shutdown.

3.3. The CONTRACTOR reserves the right to temporarily or permanently interrupt the distance education services contracted by the CONTRACTOR if at least one of the cases listed below occurs:

    • If there is financial suspense (s).
    • If the user tries to circumvent the security system of the Portal.
    • If the user tries to copy any content of the Portal, without prior written authorization.
    • If you share your access with others.
    • If you use the CONTRACTOR’s products to train others. If you would like to use our products to train others other than yourself, please contact us to obtain the necessary license for this.

3.4. The CONTRACTOR reserves the right to exclude any registration that is not within the company’s usage policy. 3.5. The
CONTRACTOR shall not be responsible for any damages resulting from the ILLICIT ACCESS by third parties or hackers to the site, using the login and password, which is the exclusive use of the CONTRACTING PARTY . 3.6. The
CONTRACTOR reserves the right to maintain the register in its database for a period superior to the contracted one, being able to use it exclusively for purposes of disclosure in the site.

4. Duties and rights of the contractor

4.1. The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for the correct use of his login and password, which are of exclusive use and non transferable. 4.2. The
CONTRACTING PARTY shall provide, on its own, access to the internet. 4.3. The
CONTRACTING PARTY shall provide the license to use any software that is necessary to carry out a course. 4.4. Personal data; between them their own CPF or, if they do not have, the CPF of a responsible one; the data for collection informed by the
CONTRACTING PARTY are of its total responsibility, bearing with civil and penal sanctions that eventually generate. 4.5. By signing up, the
CONTRACTING PARTYis committed to providing true, updated and complete information as requested on the registration pages. 4.6. The
CONTRACTING PARTY assumes all the liabilities and liabilities arising from his acts and misconduct as a student of the CONTRACTOR , also responding to acts that third parties practice on his behalf, through the use of his login and password of access. 4.7. As consideration for the services of this contract, the
CONTRACTING PARTY shall pay the CONTRACTOR the amount indicated on the website https://rcstrainning.com.br on the date of hiring, referring to the purchase of the access service for the courses, for dates, deadlines and / or periodicities, corresponding to the course or plan contracted. 4.8. O
CONTRACTOR agrees not to share their access data with other people and understands that the course is personal and intrasnferível.

5. Plans and values

5.1. All plans and values are presented on the sales page, within the educational portal and on our website: https://rcstrainning.com.br 5.1.1. Monthly or Fixed Term plans are offered: Fixed period plans have duration ranging from 3 to 12 months of unlimited access, and access to the product will be automatically blocked after the contracted term of the chosen plan has expired. 5.1.2. Monthly Subscription plans are recurring, that is, they will be automatically charged monthly every 30 days from the date of purchase. The student can cancel their monthly subscription at any time, when they no longer want to have access to the product. 5.2. The CONTRACTING PARTYreserves the right to update the values whenever it deems necessary, as well as to practice sporadic promotions whenever it wishes. 5.3. If the values are changed, they will not reflect in the hirings prior to the update, and the new values should only be paid by the customers that contract the services after the changes.

6. Forms of payment

6.1. All forms of payment are presented on the website: https://rcstrainning.com.br . 6.2. The
CONTRACTOR accepts the main forms of payment available in the market, reserving the right to add or exclude any form of payment, whenever it deems necessary. 6.3. The rules for payment are as follows:

    • Payments with up to two (2) credit cards.
    • Payment using Bank Tickets with up to 3 business days to effect the payment.

6.4. In case of any impediment to the payment of the value due to the CONTRACTING PARTY’s responsibility , the CONTRACTOR reserves the right to suspend for an indefinite period the services provided in this contract and undertakes to notify the user by e-mail to do so. settlement of the pendency.

7. Certification

7.1. We work with 2 (two) types of certificates: Digital and Printed. 7.2.
Digital Certificate : The student can, through his / her account in the Profile menu, download the certificate in digital format (PDF), whenever necessary, as long as his plan is active. 7.3.
Printed Certificate : Upon request and payment of a fee in the current value, the student will receive the certificate printed at his address, confirmed at the time of the request. 7.4. If the certificate is not delivered due to lack of person responsible for the receipt or invalid address and return, it will be necessary to pay a new fee for the resubmission.

8. Request for cancellation / bond with contractor

8.1. This signature will be valid according to the rules and access periods available on the site, at the moment of contracting the service, remaining valid as long as the CONTRACTOR keeps his / her login and password active on the site always respecting the deadlines of the courses and / or plans selected. 8.2 The
CONTRACTING PARTY may request the cancellation of its bond (in the cases of monthly subscription) at any time, exclusively through the education portal. For this, it is enough that the CONTRACTING PARTY contacts the form available at https://rcstrainning.com.br/contato . 8.3 In case the
CONTRACTING PARTY has courses or plans in force, it must comply with the rules, available in item 10 of this Term of Use, so that the cancellation is valid.

9. Duration of the courses

9.1. The CONTRACTOR tries to keep the courses as current as possible, however due to the rapid changes in the area of technologies, there may be some courses that are not fully updated. 9.2. The
CONTRACTOR reserves the right to, without prior notice, withdraw a course of air if it understands that it is obsolete or very unattended, thus removing access to the contracted course. 9.3. The
CONTRACTOR reserves the right to, without prior notice, stop offering the service support to courses that it considers outdated or obsolete. In this case, students will continue with access to the course, but without access to the support system.

10. Satisfaction guarantee

10.1. For the course plans offered within the online education portal, the CONTRACTING PARTY may request the cancellation and reimbursement of the amount paid for the plan acquired within 7 (seven) days after hiring. In addition, in order for the guarantee of satisfaction and reimbursement of the amounts invested to be valid, the CONTRACTING PARTY may not have accessed more than 30% of any of the contracted course plans, either individually or in a subscription plan. 10.2 The term of adhesion, defined as
GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, agreed between the parties shall be governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, without regard to any provision on conflict of laws. The parties hereby elect, in order to settle any matter arising from this contract, the forum of the district of the Capital of the State of São Paulo, with express waiver of any other, however privileged it may be. 10.3 CONTRACTOR ‘s products
are provided without warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to guarantees of satisfaction, quality or service of its products for any purpose. The result of the use of these products is entirely the responsibility and risk of those who access them. 10.4 Under no circumstances or circumstance, the
CONTRACTOR, its contractors, associates or suppliers shall be liable to any persons or entities for damages, including but not limited to direct or indirect damages of any kind or nature, including material and financial damages, losses or damages caused to others, interruption of related commercial activities to the use or inability to use our products or information contained therein, as well as any errors and omissions, even if the CONTRACTOR has been advised of the possibility of such damages or these have been foreseeable. 10.5 The
CONTRACTOR shall not receive complaints from third parties. The maximum amount that the CONTRACTOR you may pay to cover all damages and losses caused, including those caused by the negligence of your contractors, associates and suppliers, may not exceed the amount paid for access to the course (s) in question.

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